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Towing Services

Needed some help removing damaged plates which Mark and Abel helpfully did for me at no charge. He also suggested I come back to get the new plates on as a small part needed to be replaced. Everyone was very sweet to me and my little boy as we waited for it to be done. They even put on cartoons for him to watch. He worked quickly so I wasn't waiting long. Great service and great people!
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Julia B.

Towing Services

We are building a better experience for our valued clients.

If you are involved in an accident and need a tow service, we are here with a 24 hour drop off through our key box. If you are a CAA member, we offer CAA rewards and airmiles and if you are not there is various benefits such as Preferred Pricing for auto body and paint repairs. If not we recommend Abram’s Towing in the North,

JP Towing in the south, A towing in the east and Bill and Son Towing in the west.

District 1 – JP Towing 416 203 9600

District 2 – Classic Towing 416 604 3222

District 3 – Abrams Towing 416 636 7006

District 4 – Williams Towing 416 299 8383

District 5 – A Towing 416 656 4000



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  • Engine oil level should be regularly checked
  • Tyres have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread depth
  • Ensure that the electrolyte level is correct
  • Never remove the radiator when the engine is hot
  • Ensure that your vehicle's brake fluid is full